Chem-Intel Consulting provides research, strategic consulting, and education in diverse areas of environmental chemistry and toxicology, as well as expertise in product stewardship and evaluation of regulatory data packages.


The science of chemical hazards and environmental exposures is constantly evolving as new understanding of adverse effects, exposure scenarios and detection methods come to light. Chem-Intel Consulting provides  thorough review, evaluation and summary documentation for diverse chemicals, from pesticides to “contaminants of emerging concern” and related regulatory actions. Research is presented in the form of white papers, summary reports and/or presentation, according to client specifications.


Chem-Intel Consulting advises on strategies to resolve problems involving chemical hazards in the environment. Strategic goals are always aimed at rational and workable solutions. This is achieved through unbiased evaluation of information and data needs, stakeholder perspectives and short-term and long-term client goals.


Effective work on environmental problem-solving requires targeted and up to date expertise on specific issues of concern.  Chem-Intel Consulting provides workshops and seminars on diverse areas of environmental science, for example:

  • movement and behavior of chemicals in the environment
  • toxicology of chemical hazards
  • risk assessment and risk communication
  • current and pending environmental regulations

Services are developed through client consultation to target specific educational goals, which are typically focused on general principles as they relate to specific chemical hazards and environmental situations.