Perspective is Important



Perspective is important. Exposure to chemical hazards is a fact of modern life, in the workplace, home and environment at large. The fact of chemical hazards is unavoidable; unnecessary risk is not. Living safely through wise chemical use is possible.

Chem-Intel Consulting provides technical problem-solving and education in environmental science. Our focus is on fate and transport of chemicals,  environmental and occupational exposures, and chemical toxicity and safety. Through research, education and targeted discussions, our goal is to bring effective communication and best available data to create rational opportunities for problem resolution.

Chem-Intel Consulting works within the spectrum of entities and individuals with environmental concerns, from environmental advocacy organizations and legal firms to small manufacturing and chemical businesses.

Living safely with wise chemical use in not only possible, it is our responsibility to ourselves and future generations. With Chem-Intel Consulting, we’ll meet this responsibility together.